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I might have to take November for another non-update month since school is really kicking my ass (and school ends that month for me). I'll try my best to get to Dewford soon as possible 8'D

On the other hand? Anyone here plays League of legends on the NA servers? Most of my friends who plays are offline and matching up with randoms is tiresome. : D
OC-Tober Calender Thing 2016 by bekkomi
OC-Tober Calender Thing 2016
Oc tember is back~ More fantasy characters and reworks on some of their designs. 
Some of their names are changed for the sake of my memory and spelling errors-
I've been working on their plot for a while but still no where near ready X'D

Last Year:
Pokemon Go Leaders by bekkomi
Pokemon Go Leaders
Again with my late hype game- Watch me start drawing Pokemon S&M art in the middle of december or spring XD

The full version will be on my Patreon
I also have a speedpaint of it here:…



Watching Noragami

Stream Link!

List of stuff to do:
  1. Birthday Hell
  2. OC-Tober Hell
  3. Hell
  4. Character sheets

Tagged by;  :iconkatarinu: :iconanimaltamer7: and :iconpsychicduelistrbd:

Ely 8 facts
1. While Ely plays pokemon ruby, her brother plays pokemon firered
2. They did play some games together after their parents divorced but not as often
3. She's still stuck in the past emotionally.
4. Ely is practically the party's mother. She calls her party a bit frequently when they split and always remind them of things like not forgetting to eat and be back before 10.
5.  Ely's mother dropped her on a highway to teach her how to drive.
6. Her American bikini that bill drew will be canon later
7. Ely is pretty good at moba games of all sorts. When she plays with Zepar, Furfur, Rudi, and Blaze she have to carry them all because they pale in comparison to her skills.
8. Her preferred classes in game ranged, heavy damage, and a high learning curve. Opposite to her brother who likes mid to low learning curve, combo based, debuff/crowd control/support classes.

1. Boxed side character-
2. I did evolved them for shits and giggles in my run
3. Shinobu is fairly strict with their ninja code of ambiguity which includes discarding the use of "him/her" pronouns. Later on they will have a code name granted by their clan.
4. Hua picks on them very often, mostly over her love of childish anime like Yokai Watch.
5. They gone through intense training back in the indigo plateau. They do know Koga because of so.
6. Shinobu have a green card.
7. Their father works for Caelum as well. Only thing is that their dad works the night shifts.
8. Shinobu and Hua do play the same game Ely, Rudi, Zepar, Furfur, and Blaze plays. They only play if Zepar and Furfur or Ely is on the same team. Blaze sucks too much to have fun with and Rudi doesn't talks while playing.

Spoiler Character Facts:
1. A fair amount of high positioned batterers were his students in the past.
2. He learned many things because his long life span including being able to play the bass, weave, and breed tea plants.
3. He was married to an electribuzz in the past and had two kids. All of them are dead.
4. Lilium picked out his clothes right after their encounter.
5. She ran from home a long time ago.
6. She recharge cars and phones for $1-$5 each to have some income for her hobo survival.
7. She is half gijinka and her father married twice.
8. She hates messing up but she is very reckless herself, causing a spiral of emotions.


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its great to see active nuzelockers , and omg i love your comic (*enters fangirl mode*) its so cute i need to catch up though
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You kind words pierces my fragile heart ;v;
Thank you and take your time readig it
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I finished it, I will be excited to read so much more of it , this is a great concept for a nuzlocke
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big fan of your comics
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poor mudkip. as someone who picked him it hurts my heart
OliverHarud Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Ok, so this is a random Clip studio question, not at all related to these amazing Vine brushes, but as you all seem to know what you are doing in Clip Studio I need some advice, I am colouring in my first comic in Clip studio and have just noticed that it is all in RGB and is flat and grey when I export it ready to print! I thought Clip studio was all about making comics, which get printed, what can I do to save my colours / not have to do it all again in Photoshop, I much prefer the feel of Clip to work in over Photoshop.

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