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Character Sheet: Hien Kaeda
Need to edit my OC's sheets later on- So much plot changes......

Name: Hien Van Kaeda
Linage: Nohoa
Estimated Age and Height: 299; 6'2
Personality: Hien seems to be quiet and stoic but he's just quite socially awkward. However he’s admittedly not the brightest and would rush into action without a second thought. Unlike most people from his land, he's not ashamed of showing affection to his wife, Mirabelle. Hien is often referred by others as the "stay-at home mom" since he does not like to step outside and mostly use his time to take care of his home and wife.

Brief Bio: His family was dishonored long ago and was stripped of their original name, replaced by another. To climb back to their former social status, they would need a daughter of great magic capabilities, however instead they were given a daughter without single drop of magic in her and a son who had all the powers. Completely useless by their village's standards, and blamed for "stealing" his sister's powers, Hien was severely mistreated by his family. He eventually snapped and had to run off. Eventually he was taken and trained by an assassin group who assigned him to kill, Mirabelle. After failing to kill and was spared by her on the first night, he persisted on for nearly a year, slowly he falling for her.

Powers: Capable of fighting melee an offensively but changed his class to be a support to keep his past low. Being a Nohoa, Hien's biology is quite plant like, capable of some level of photosynthesis (only in a true, survivor situation) and re-grow parts of his body after "pruning" it. He can fully manipulate his signature plant the "hoa mai" (yellow apricot flower.) Offensively, he would mark any enemies that touches his plant's petals, detonating it to a flowery explosion. However, he doesn't fight offensively any more and focuses on enchanting/shielding allies. He is incapable of healing others but can ease their pain with his plants. Hien's best advantage is against large numbers at once. He have some success in a 1v1 as long he can keep his distance. Unfortunately his preference to of rushing into battle leads to unnecessary injuries as support class.

    Phy. Dmg: 4/10
    Mg Dmg: 8/10
    Def: 4/10
    Mg Def: 7/10
    Speed: 4/10
    Intelligence: 5/10
    Hp: 5/10
    Mp: 9/10

He tucks in his ao gam when wearing jackets. He also only slicks back his hair during formal events or wearing his helmet.
:bulletyellow: He have a huge insomnia issue. Most of his friends spares him from pranks if he's finally able to fall asleep.
:bulletyellow: He have a habit of taking home strays. Mira doesn't mind and enjoys taking care of the cats he brings over.
:bulletyellow: Hien is having a difficult time adjusting to the new living standards since he does not have a formal education and era of glorious wars/kingdoms are over.

Character Sheet: Mirabelle Kaeda

When you change your story plot and have to redesign to make the character match it...

Name: Mirabelle Sørensen Kaeda

Linage: Glas

Estimated Age and Height: 288, 5'8

Personality: Mira is a stubborn and compassionate woman with a very perverted sense of humor, who is not afraid of showing her affection for her husband, Hien. She have a distaste for formal events and shoot dirty looks to those from her childhood. Mira is often seen smiling,  faking it when she's at her lowest. She only opens up about her troubles to very few others during those days. On the other hand, Mirabelle tends to joke about her incompetence of being unable to do simple chores such as cooking and cleaning with the fact that she was a sheltered rich child.

Brief Bio: On Mira's back are the names of notable villains and malicious people, with a name added every time another dies. It is said that to prevent those who chose to live a cruel intent to enter the life cycle again. She lived miserably outside of her home because of so as they saw her nothing more than a killer in the making. That, along with her grandmother's high social status, makes her a target to many. She had very little appreciation for her own life but it slowly shifted after encountering her husband. During that year they would often "spar", talking to one another and even spending time with each other if the situation calls for it. Overtime, the two fell for each other and became inseparable.

Powers: Although she is primarily a melee fighter, her Glas linage, let her copy other's magic abilities under specific certain conditions. Mira's only let her use a watered down version of magic used by one of the names on her back. This makes her versatile in battle. Her favorite one being able to phase through thin objects. She rarely use any magic however and gets around fine with any non magical weapons as long she have a strategy. However it makes her susceptible in situations where she has to improvise her way out. She's at her best in a duel with another melee, and struggles a bit against ranged opponents.

    Phy. Dmg: 7/10
    Mg Dmg: 6/10
    Def: 4/10
    Mg Def: 5/10
    Speed: 7/10
    Intelligence: 8/10
    Hp: 3/10
    Mp: 6/10

Mira learned how to speak her husband's native tongue after a long period of time. She try to learn new thing in attempt to surprise/impress him. 
:bulletred: She is EXTREAMLY squeamish when it comes to insects and other pests in the house. Mira is the type to spend the whole day out of the house to avoid that one cockroach in the restroom.
:bulletred: Mira is a picky eater and loves instant food. Hien will often cook for her, even bring lunch to her at work to make sure she maintains a healthy diet.
:bulletred: Although quite highly respected, she is often being "babysat" by her close peers because of her poor lifestyle habits, tricking her to exercise and eating her vegetables.


A banner thing I did
For my twitter "bekkomiwastaken" and to celebrate 1000+ watchers on tumblr
This pretty much sums up what my galleries consists of (Oc, League of Legends, S.E Nuzlocke)

Back to other stuff
S.E (Ruby Nuzlocke) Ely's Party Height Chart
Some new outfits/adjustments and saturation fix. I need to go back to studying anatomy with my new style 8'D

***Edit: Old art is cringe

The year is 2023
:bulletred:  Full Name: Elizabeth "Ely" Rosetta Butler
    D.O.B: 08/16/2005
    Birth Nationality: Johto (United States outside of the game)
    Race: Human
    Sex: F        Gender: F

:bulletorange:  Full Name: Blaze [Enhaut]
    D.O.B: 02/19/2011
    Birth Nationality: Hoenn
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: F        Gender: F

:bulletblack:  Full Name: Rudi [Wolfe] 
    D.O.B: 09/19/2011
    Birth Nationality: Hoenn
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: M        Gender: M

:bulletyellow:  Full Name: Lilium Angie Marie
    D.O.B: 05/31/2008
    Birth Nationality: Kalos
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: F        Gender: F

:bulletgreen:  Full Name: Zepar Jude Jester
    D.O.B: 04/20/2010
    Birth Nationality: Hoenn
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: M        Gender: M

:bulletblue:  Full Name: Furfur Cecilia Jester
    D.O.B: 04/20/2010
    Birth Nationality: Hoenn
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: F        Gender: F

:bulletpurple:  Full Name: Tachibana, Shinobu [BOXED]
    D.O.B: 03/03/2012
    Birth Nationality: Johto
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: F        Gender: N/A

:bulletblue:  Full Name: Brook Rios
    D.O.B: 01/22/2007
    Birth Nationality: Hoenn
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: M        Gender: F

:bulletred:  Full Name: Al-shar "Kaz" Nishba 
    D.O.B: 06/06/???
    Birth Nationality: Kanto
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: M        Gender: M

:bulletgreen:  Full Name: Megrez Leora Payne
    D.O.B: 12/26/2006
    Birth Nationality: Hoenn
    Race: Pokemon
    Sex: F        Gender: F
League of Legends Confessions Blog Mod Art
The mods are really nice on the discord chat and supportive to everyone and I wanted to challenge myself into doing a giant group picture type of piece since I haven't really done once since the S.E anniversary one. Nice to see that my skills didn't rust-

Link to their blog:

Exeggpres by bekkomi


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