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Lila won round 1! ; but now for round 2, FIGHT! 

6 deviants said Adel from CritexMind's "Black Tea"
5 deviants said Eva from RaineyJ's "The Hunt X Hollow"
4 deviants said LamentedGuide's Guide in Roy Mustang's Uniform
4 deviants said Ash from kitzune-griffith's "Storm Silver"
1 deviant said Zephyr from HopelessAce's "Breaking the Threshold"



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Lila won round 1! ; but now for round 2, FIGHT!
6 deviants said Adel from CritexMind's "Black Tea"
5 deviants said Eva from RaineyJ's "The Hunt X Hollow"
4 deviants said LamentedGuide's Guide in Roy Mustang's Uniform
4 deviants said Ash from kitzune-griffith's "Storm Silver"
1 deviant said Zephyr from HopelessAce's "Breaking the Threshold"
OC-Tober Calender Thing by bekkomi
OC-Tober Calender Thing
While everyone I watch is doing inktober (which I lack the ink for 8'D), I'm just gonna do OC-tober.
I somewhat blame you Phandenstein... You caused this procrastination of mines X'D

For this challenge, my High Fantasy OCs (Yes, I have this much... it's even sadder that some of these are based off some imaginary friends. I live a lonely life), and at least 3 facts about them.

1.) Regulous La Caille
    - Gets overly excited and curious about non-magic technology
    - From a Noble family, (but he's a bit of a rebel to their traditions) 
    - Really likes his sparkly-galaxy cape thing.
2.) Jett Tay
Gets overly excited and curious about Magic
    - Symbrachydactyly for both hands. Have robotic prosthetics in place.
    - According to Maha, she caught Virgil's "Punning Skills"
3.) Reginald "Reg" Abis
An outstanding cook (that also toss kitchen knives at you if you bother him)
    - Oddly very kind to children and quite polite (to guests...)
    - Sarcasm run through his veins 
4.) Maryu Noroita: deceased
Was kidnaped, tortured and killed by his father's enemies
    - First adoptive son of Katsuo
    - Wheelchair bound 
5.) Rosabell "Titania" Summers: deceased
    - Killed in “Queen’s Game” by Mab
    - blinded by justice, she was destined to become a nonsensical queen
    - Was Marigold's childhood friend
6.) Marin Abis: deceased
Marin Abis: Declared as the sea witch and attempted to take over a country
    - Was slain by her brother
    - Lying runs through her veins
7.) Bha'i: deceased
Was Foster brother of Titus
    - captured and died on a slave ship
    - One of those "daredevil" kids
8.) Joan Du Sabredeceased
    - Died from a bad arrow ricochet 
    - Was considered one of the strongest swordsmen alive
    - Mother of Jean, wife of Vermont
9.) Kali El-Hashim
    - Same nomad tribe as Aali
    - Mute, she communicates through gestures (which she really sucks at) and a notepad
    - Just started learning magic, so far exploded only 39 things.
10.) Grimgour
Same lineage as Maryu, they are often used as "dungeon bosses" because of their uncontrollable/unpredictable powers
    - Quite shy and a slight crybaby  
    - Can't be left alone, preferable to be kept with Maha, Jett, Kali, or Regulus.

I'm not very nice to my OCs, so yeah.... Expect me to randomly binge and have inconsistent updates. Back to working on S.E
Ex by bekkomi

 Cameos for :iconnuzlockevncollab: Artbook

For a fun bonus for the VN, we're making an artbook filled with fun images, crack, and some serious one all in full cg! 
Yep, full CG style, with a background of some sort on each image and nicely shaded. 
The theme for the book is based around a yearbook which means we are doing class photos. 
Even though we have so many playable characters, most of them are in the same classes and a lot of seats are still empty.
We are using some characters that are pulled out to fill in the seats as well unless you don't want them to be in there, message me. 
Yes, I'm drawing all of the headshots again. Yes, my hand is probably gonna be murdered but that's fine. 
Your character get to be part of the school and may be in some other neat images in the book too. 

Edit 1:All students are closed! Recounted and checked the comments, we have no more room for students but we still need teachers.

Edit 2: Coding just started, so closing up this thing on Wednesday night! 00:00 am EST! Mostly because it's unfair if I tell the ones helping me 3 months in "Oh, someone new just joined. Edit them in!"

Edit 2: CLOSED! Thank you for joining :D

  1. Character have to be in your nuzlocke, ongoing or not
  2. Have to be human or at least very close to one. 
  3. You don't mind what derpy things that we might do to them... huehuehue
  4. Not required but help us spread the news of this collab!

That is all! Comment away!
Remember when I said I was gonna draw nuzlockers in military uniforms?
10 deviants said Lila from Hanadoodle's Plat. Nuzlocke
1 deviant said

Le Tags:


I had to type these names because dA is stuuuuuuupid. RIP my hand

  Sorry for the bombard of tagging ya'll but this kinda needs to be done. So, let me paraphrase and add onto what Raycchan said in this journal.

1. If you want to, join the group so you can be updated with the announcements and the things that's going to be uploaded for the artbook: :iconnuzlockevncollab:

2. Thank you for your awesomeness, we really appreciate the participation and support!

3. Reference Sheets Stuff:
NOT MANDATORY; This is purely a way for the artists in the artbook to have a proper, singular, reference sheet. It's only to make their lives easier without having to bounce around page to page for uniform reference, personality reference, and character reference.

Check this document!!!

This have a list of all the cameos, users, and reference sheets. Check if it's accurate and comment on it if you can.

 :bulletred: IF YOU ARE DRAWING ONE: It's preferable that you try to do the following
     1. Draw what they would look like in a school: Because it's a bit weird to have random students and teachers in trainer outfits while everyone else is all fancy'd up.

     2. Full Body Colored Reference: Because for the random CG artworks, we may be drawing more than just a head shot of your characters! Not to mention if you give bekkomi a monochrome one and nothing in your gallery to reference off of, she will start guessing and put in very animu hair and eye colors. So, don't be surprised if you character randomly have turquoise hair and pink eyes in the artbook. Just a fair warning.

     3. Students are in uniform! Feel free to reference RTJGSketch's male and female designs. Also Raycchan's school crest designs if you want to make things fancy. btw Ray, you mind if I make a vector of it for everyone to use? 8'D

You also don't have to follow them exactly: Valentine's and Nicodemus' are not exact as you can see. Just roughly what looks like that is acceptable in a school. (Kinda like my highschool's uniform policy, pretty loose as long the base is correct)


        I'm sorry if it sounds harsh but this again goes with the problem of going back and forth for color reference X'D And my very animu selection of colors... You may customize with any color for trimmings!
Refer to Ely's which is black and red and Niko's black and blue.

If you colored your's wrong already, it's okay!!! We still love you. We'll just swap the colors ourselves.

     5. Personality and Trivia would be nice. Not absolutely required. This is so we can accurately draw out your character. We don't want ya to be disappointing if your quiet character comes off too out going or something 8'D

   :bulletblue: IF YOU ARE NOT DRAWING ONE:
  1. Please comment below: It would be nice to know so I can mark it off on the document.
      2. It would be nice if you at least give a description of what they would possibly wear and their personality/trivia stuff. This is for the sake for correctly portraying your character and for sanity reasons 8'D

It can be a very short description: "“For the body I imagine just the school jacket and tie, but he'd wear anything” - Pandapool

He did a bio earlier for his character so no quotes examples for that.

  :bulletgreen: NO DEADLINE!
But preferable that it's done before the end of the year so we won't have to wait for an extremely long time to wait on others to start on this book QvQ

That is all for now! Comment below or note me if you want me to answer any questions~
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